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Used Outboard MotorsUsed Outboard Motors - Used outboard motors & parts. Information and links on some of the following and more; used outboard motor parts, used outboard motors for sale, used Marine engines, & used Honda outboards.

On the used Honda outboards page you will find general information about Honda engines and specific price examples at December 2004 of used Honda outboards from a few online suppliers.

a Honda 15HP 4 stroke outboard

a Honda 10 4 stroke remote

Honda engines summary and used Honda outboards

Honda's current line of outboard motors includes nearly 50 different models. Similar to other manufacturers, Honda is placing an emphasis on their clean, efficient, and quiet four-stroke engines.

Honda has been producing 4-stroke engines for over 35 years now. That certainly gives Honda some bragging rights when it comes to 4-stroke outboards.

Not only does Honda have some of the most powerful outboards but they also have it right when it comes to lower horsepower models. In 1999, Honda's 2 hp model caught the attention of Sail Magazine. Sail Magazine awarded them their Freeman Pittman Award for the fuel efficient, lightweight 2 hp model.

some examples prices ( at December 2004) of Honda outboards
2HP used Honda outboards
2004 Honda 15'' MHN 4-stroke *NEW, (MSRP $965.00) - Centrifugal Clutch 3 Yr Mfr. Warranty $829.00
2004 Honda 20'' MHN 4-stroke *NEW 3 Yr Mfr. Warranty $899.00

25HP used Honda outboards
2001 Honda 15'' MHN 4-stroke Select Pre-Owned, (MSRP $4715.00) 60 Day Dlr. Warranty $2,269.00
2003 Honda 20'' MHN 4-stroke Select Pre-Owned, Fall Delivery (MSRP $4630.00) 60 Day Dealer $3,599.00

40HP used Honda outboards
2003 Honda 20'' EHN 4-stroke Select Pre-Owned, Fall Delivery, (MSRP $5240.00) 60 Day Dealer $3,799.00

50HP used Honda outboards
2004 Honda 20'' EHN 4-stroke Select Pre-Owned, Fall Delivery, (MSRP $7120.00) 60 Day Dealer $4,189.00

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example at December 2004
1988 5 Honda 1000982 $475 Tigard

Boats for sale - outboard on - New Boats & Used Boats and Outboards for Sale throughout Europe.
price examples at December 2004
Honda 10hp longshaft 4 stroke ú 395 (sterling)
Honda 10hp longshaft twin ú395 (sterling)

Honda Outboards

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