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Used Outboard MotorsUsed Outboard Motors - Used outboard motors & parts. Information and links on some of the following and more; used outboard motor parts, used outboard motors for sale, used Marine engines, & used Honda outboards.

The used Evinrude motors page is a review of the Evinrude company history and an inside look at the used Evinrude motors 115, 200, 225 and 250 engine models.

some history about the company name and used Evinrude motors

In 1909 Ole Evinrude designed and tested his first Evinrude outboard motor. After minor improvements were made to the 2 cycle, water-cooled, forward-pointing, single cylinder engine in 1909, orders were received for more used Evinrude motors and patterns were again improved and sent to the foundry for parts for the first 25 motors to be produced. Each of which, was made by hand. With the financial investment of Chris Meyer, a tugboat owner, the business began to flourish. By 1911, however, a strained business relationship and Mrs. Evinrudes failing health, forced Mr. Evinrude to sell half his used Evinrude motors business and pledged to stay out of the business for five years, pushing them from the field they had helped pioneer.

In 1912, Ole started a man named "Jump Spark" Miller working on what was to become the flywheel magneto. The Chris Meyer controlled used Evinrude motors business, however continued to enjoy the majority of the outboard business.

By 1941, it was evident that the United States would enter World War II. Evinrude continued to make motors for the armed services via Zephyrs and Lightfours (often used to power emergency rubber rafts). When the war finally ended, they enjoyed a period of great prosperity and introduced many new and used Evinrude engines.

Evinrude is now owned by Bombardier and is doing well.

an Evinrude Motor

used Evinrude motors 115

YOU WANT CRUISING POWER? EVINRUDE V-4s DELIVER MORE MID-RANGE POWER THAN ANY COMPETITIVE FOUR-STROKE. Waterskiing. Wakeboarding. Sightseeing. Relaxing. There's no limit to what these 60 degree D.I. V-4s can handle. They've got torque to spare, and thanks to D.I., you'll also have fuel to spare, saving you time and operating costs with peace of mind coming not only from their industry-best three-year, non-declining, limited warranty, which offers you full protection throughout the warranty period, but from the durability, quality and reliability built into every Evinrude engine.

used Evinrude motors 200/225/250

YOU WANT ACCELERATION? THE BIG EVINRUDE V-6S DELIVER UP TO 40% MORE LOW END TORQUE THAN COMPETITIVE FOUR-STROKES. When we say that these Evinrude V-6 outboards have power, they do mean power. D.I. delivers more torque and twice as many power strokes, translating to quicker acceleration and faster top-end speed. Used Evinrude motors contd. To sweeten the deal with FasTrak Power Trim and Tilt, Super S.L.O.W. system for peace of mind, Uni-Forge crankshaft, targeted oil injection, 60 amp dual voltage alternators, tilt limit switches and a built-in trailering support arm. All of which make the horizon a lot closer than you think.

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